AGA Cast Iron 26cm Square Grill Pan White

AGA Cast Iron 26cm Square Grill Pan White

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Our traditional AGA grill pan is perfect for searing and grilling meat, fish and vegetables.

Smooth, enamelled base and suitable for all hobs including induction.

Perfect for oven use using the hidden hot plate of the AGA in the roasting oven, resulting in beautiful chargrilled lines on the food

Available in matt black and gloss white

26cm size with pouring lips

Stunning handle branding

AGA cast iron cookware accumulates and retains heat which radiates on to food, sealing in the flavours and succulence.

Handcrafted and made in France for AGA using 80% recycled material.

Each piece of cast iron cookware is unique as the mould is broken after use.

Life time warranty

Handwash only